Are manuals available?
There is a multi-page assembly and operating manual for each kit or ready-made module with a parts list, circuit diagram and information for successful assembly and commissioning.

Which Tesla coil should I buy?
For beginners, the Class-E SSTC is most suitable. The operating voltage is only 24V and the discharges are relatively harmless. Installation and commissioning are very easy.

The 230V SSTC-2 is suitable for advanced users. The discharges are impressive at over 25cm long, but not terribly loud like a DRSSTC. Since no settings are required on the driver, the SSTC always runs with the best efficiency.

What does analog modulation mean?
With analog modulation, the output power/spark length of the Tesla coil is controlled by an analog input voltage. The control signal usually comes from an mp3 player or mobile phone. The power of the SSTC varies e.g. from 70-90% of the maximum power.

What does digital modulation mean?
Here the coil is switched on and off completely. The output power is therefore 0% or 100%. The control signal is digital with 0V/5V or 0V/12V level. If a PWM signal is used for control, the average output power can be adjusted almost continuously. Using a MIDI interrupter, you can even play music from MIDI files. A playback of “conventional” music such as mp3 files is NOT possible.

What is required for digital modulation?
Um MIDI-Dateien abspielen zu können benögtigt man einen PC mit einer MIDI-Player Software, einen USB-MIDI converter und einen MIDI-Interrupter. Hat man ein Keyboard/Synthesizer mit MIDI-Ausgang zur Verfügung, entfallen natürlich PC und USB-MIDI converter.