Midi-Int4 musicali MIDI-Interrupter, fully assembled


Fully assembled



This polyphonic interrupter has a MIDI input and can play back any MIDI music from a synthesizer, keyboard or PC (with USB-MIDI adapter) on an SSTC or DRSSTC. 4 notes can be played simultaneously. The volume is adjustable. If required, 2 SSTCs can be controlled separately, each then playing 2 notes. The interrupter can be switched to a stand-alone mode in which On+Off times can be set using a potentiometer (rattling mode).

For optimal security, the MIDI input is galvanically isolated from the rest of the circuit by an optocoupler and the Tesla coils can also be controlled via fiber optics. A high-quality USB-Midi adapter is also required for operation on the PC.
Operation on a DRSSTC only makes sense if overcurrent detection is available.

Please inquire about additional accessories such as additional fiber optic transmitter diodes or fiber optic cables.

Scope of delivery:
Midi-Int4 fully assembled
fiber optic cable
9V battery clip

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