Klasse-E SSTC in Betrieb mit Ringelektrode, helleres Bild
Klasse-E SSTC in Betrieb mit Ringelektrode, helleres Bild Class-E AUDIO SSTC with ion rotor Class-E AUDIO SSTC with 60mm sphere topload Class-E AUDIO SSTC with wire ring electrode Musical class-E tesla coil board 24V audio SSTC scope of delivery video

Class-E Audio SSTC

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Musical 24V AUDIO Tesla coil

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This high quality musical audio Tesla coil can play real music from an mp3 player or smartphone. The sound waves are generated directly by the sparks. They have good audio quality and reach room volume. The connection is made via a 3.5mm jack.

A microcontroller-controlled interrupter is already installed on the circuit board and plays 4 short pieces of MIDI music. The volume is remarkable. In the rattling mode, different types of discharge can be generated with a spark length of up to 3 cm. The Tesla coil also has an input for connecting an external interrupter.

Because the Class-E Audio SSTC operates on just 24V at 3-5A, it is very safe and suitable for beginners. Due to the high operating frequency of 1.3Mhz, there is no risk of electric shock.

In addition to ion rotor or wire ring, a 60mm sphere or the lamp holder can be used as a head electrode.

The circuit board is easy to assemble thanks to the 18-page illustrated instruction manual. To ensure that assembly runs smoothly, the primary and secondary coils are supplied ready-wound. If you don’t want to solder yourself, you can also buy the ready-made SSTC.

Technical specifications:

Supply Voltage: 24V DC
Current consumption: 3.0A (5A short time)
Resonant frequency: 1.3MHz
Modulation: Analog + Digital
Diameter secondary coil: 50mm
Hight secondary coil: 165mm

Scope of delivery:

Class-E SSTC pcb, components, heatsink as kit or fully assembled
Primary- and secondary coil
Coilholder, wire ring electrode, Ionrotor, neon glowing lamp
3.5mm audio cable

Additional information

Delivery type

Kit, Fully assembled


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